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Q1. Are you safe when you breathe in metro, train, airplane while seating or standing next to the person who might be infected by epidemic viruses like cold, flu, MERS etc.?

Q2. Are you comfortable

Q3. Do you want to avoid unpleasant odor at any places even under punitive environmental conditions (including toilet)?

Smart Gadgets Co’s Wearable Air Purifier (WAP) provides ONE STEP solution for the above mentioned questions.

HEPA Filter System:

Filtering Performance: H12 Class HEPA Filter removes larger than 0.3 micron particles with 99.5% efficiency .

PM 2.5

Negative Ion Generator:

Generating 1.5 million negative ions and Combines with fine airborne pollutants, Kills bacteria and viruses in the air at a 12-inch distance.

Ozone Free Negative Ion Generator tested by KCL (Korea Conformity Laboratories) (Ozone level: less than 0.005 micro mol per mol)

Negative Ion Effects:

Reducing Asthma, Allergies and Migraine Headaches

Alleviating SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), Depression and Fatigue

Reinforcing Collagen which makes skin resilient

Aroma Diffuser:

WAP diffuses your favorable essential oil with included Aromatherapy kit

WAP is designed to supply your favorable aroma with filtered air.

While working or studying, Get an Energy Boost, Be Relieved from Stress and Increase your Potential Abilities with WAP.

“Inhale not just filtered air, but Healthy Air with WAP.”

Just Filtering Not Enough, Healing Your Body with Healthy Air:
3 in One: Save Your Money. Smart Gadgets Co’s New Technologies Effectively Integrate HEPA filter, Negative Ion Generator and Aroma Diffuser into One Small Device, Wearable Air Purifier (WAP)
Do not Spend on Useless Ion Purifier: Ion Generators without Forced Airflow are Useless because Negative Ions are instantly dissipated by Airflows of Heaters, Coolers or User’s Movements like breathing, speaking, walking, etc.. WAP’s USB Powered Fan Makes 2 Speed Winds to carry negative ions, aroma in HEPA filtered air to Your Breath effectively.
WAP’s Powerful Performance (4 hours charge, 13 hours operating) but Light Weight (8.1 oz.) makes You Comfortable and Continuously Healing with Healthy Air. Even in Indoor or Outdoor Harsh Environment, WAP not only Protects You from Airborne Pollutions but also Heals your body.
Build Your Own Air Shield: Ergonomic design provides adjustable guide to customize your neck size, and its trendy design goes well with casual outfits and formal dress. User’s Guide is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. WAP protects you from airborne bacteria and with its negative ion effects and aromatherapy improves your health.


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