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Friday is Kickstarter’s eighth birthday. Since the crowdfunding-platform was founded on April 28, 2009, the site has successfully helped fund more than 123,000 projects. To do this, the company connects the likes of filmmakers, musicians, and artists with financial backers.

With such a creative bent to the organization, we figured that the Ole Sondresen-designed workspace would be quite a unique office. When we visited in November, we found that we were right.

Here’s what we saw and learned during our tour of the Greenpoint, Brooklyn-based office:

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Getting from our Flatiron office to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, was a bit of an adventure. We ended up taking an AquaTaxi across the East River on a very cold and windy November morning. The entrance to the building was nondescript, but inside was quite striking. We immediately noticed the abundance of natural light and the delicious smells coming from the kitchen.

We quickly met up with our tour guides, director of HQ Charlie Mirisola, office manager Holly Ryan, and Charlie’s dog, Jelly. Kickstarter is a dog-friendly office. Jelly and her canine companions are free to roam the building, but she’ll always come running when Mirisola whistles.

Mirisola told us that the building was originally an old pencil factory, and was essentially a “leaky box” when Kickstarter bought it. The company moved into the space in 2014.

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