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Many people chase their dreams but only a few wake up and do something about it. Motivational video 2017. Motivational Speech.




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  1. How do you deal with stepping up.. trying.. failing and having every single person around laugh at you everytime. At school i usually sit alone because im left out. i want to change but i dont know what to do. When i play basketball and i do something my "friends" consider dumb like trying to shoot the ball in the net when i should have cleared the ball they laugh. Whenever i say something they consider dumb they laugh, i need to change the people who i am around but i am unable to untill summer, When school is out. i dont know what to do anymore and i want to change i just need to know how and what can i do to be better?

  2. alweys feel that you have nothing to lose and fallow your natural instincts… You'll be gone sooner or later…Just remember that you are not here to obey others and pay bills… BE FREE!!! BE A CARELESS!!! And make sure you will leave a legasy! People are getting that haveing a lot of friends as a competition,but the important fact is to have a few who will stay by your side and accept you as who you really are! So you will have happiness and joy while your here!! Get the best of your life fellas!

  3. Not to sound funny, but our of curiosity.. apart from making these videos, what is your success story and how did you achieve success to give other people advice? Again, not to sound funny.. just simply curiosity as I have always wondered this coming from inspirational speakers

  4. I had a question maybe someone can help me here. I am very motivated at all times, I will go through life doing my best, and I know at all times that the dots will connect, and we might not understand them currently, but I'm about 18 years old, and the only problem I seem to come across is finding a girlfriend. I haven't dated a girl, and I'm no I'm not bad looking or like awkward because girls have asked me out and wanted to date but I have never said yes, I don't feel like I can find the right girl who is as motivated and wants to achieve what I want. Knowing where most of us here will get in the future, girls/guys shouldn't be a problem to get, but the right one can be hard. My question is how can I know who is the right one, what should I do? The girls I like are close friends, and they don't see me that way, but I can't like the girls who like me because I haven't known them enough. Thanks in advance for your advice <3

  5. Do YOU like self improvement. Do YOU want to be better. Do YOU hate watching bullshit improvement gurus trying to sell you bullshit get rich quick classes. I MAKE these videos. Quick, to the point, improvement videos to get YOU thinking differently and on your way to the top. Interested? I'm waiting to see you at my channel! Appreciate ya.

  6. Isn't this like porn? U watch it and have this burst of energy for like 5 seconds and after that it goes man.. ur back in this depressed old self that won't ever change because it's been drilled into his unconscious that these kinds of videos are too an addiction. We all know the answers but when we're in the moment we simply can't act.. we go back to our dirty habits watch these motivational videos and we're the same person as we were the year before. I guess this is life.

  7. Thank you, thank you soo much. It was exam time in my country. It's very important for my future. I always watched your videos and get "inspired". I studied so hard, I became a nerd for a whole year. Now, I'm in my dream college with 100% scholarship. Just, thank you…

  8. Here at Adwazo we don't believe people are born with luck. You create your own luck. The potential to be who you want to be lies within your heart. Seek motivation to make the changes you need to become successful! Blessings to all from Adwazo Group!

  9. I was tired of studying for my test but decided to go to starbucks and get coffee and continue. This video was awesome. I honestly teared up a bit. I didn't get into schools that I wanted for this year and it damaged my drive a little. For a quick second. I actually felt what was the point of even doing this now. But this video helped me to remember why I want to become a Dr. and why I started in the first place. Setbacks only propel you forward even if it doesn't feel like it in the moment. Awesome video and I love the music also.

  10. I need to go to abroad for better education. To get rid off these shit people who dont even have dream and goal, they are not even ambitious about on nothing.. I am held responsible for English exams to pass them to go to abroad.. Trying to get in.. and I'm going to get it whatever it takes from me


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