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Actervate Ankle and Foot Brace

The Actervate breathable neoprene ankle support brace, is specially designed to assist in relieving stress in the ankle area

The Actervate ankle brace is worn around the foot for protection and restricted immobilization while healing. Brace supports the joint while providing heat and compression to soft tissue and bones.

The Actervate ankle wrap brace is designed to help support and protect sore, weak, sprained, strained, and arthritic ankles. Flexible compression neoprene allows limited mobility of ankle. Velcro strapping system provides firm and even adjustable support to the ankle area.


IMPORTANT: Consult a medical physician as to whether this ankle brace is suited to your particular injury.

ARTHRITIS SUFFERERS – The brace can also ease the discomfort associated with arthritis and tendonitis, and it lends itself nicely to ankle injury rehabilitative exercises. Consult your doctor.

SPORTS PROFESSIONALS – It is suitable to be worn for added protection, safe, comfortable support and pain reduction in all kinds of sports and activities. This brace will not prevent injury.

Ideal protection against risk of injuries during intense exercises or heavy usage.Can be used for all sports where applicable including yoga, crossfit, football and skateboarding.


> FULLY ADJUSTABLE – This ankle support has wrap around adjustable straps which provide extra support and compression. Velcro strapping system provides firm and even adjustable support to ankle.
> MODERATE SUPPORT LEVEL – Lightweight ankle support that is fully adjustable to give custom fit and firm compression and soft tissue support.
> ONE SIZE FITS MOST – fits right and left ankle
> CAN BE USED IN ALL SPORTS – During sports events and training activities to protect your ankle.
> REHABILITATION AND INJURY PREVENTION – Used following a sprained, stiff ankle, ankle surgery and arthritic ankle or during sports training to protect ankle.


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