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My Exclusive Clickbank Training:

In this video, I’ll talk about the best type of affiliate commissions: the lifetime commission. This is one of the most powerful ways to make money online because you’ll earn a commission as long as a customer purchases product. This way you own the customer, meaning that you’re actually building a business.

In this video, I’ll explain why it’s important to be a part of these programs and where to find the best affiliate programs that pay lifetime commissions.



  1. hey sean, I have a question. A couple of days back I decided my list that I'd been building was big enough, so I send my first email with a clickbank affiliate link in there. Mailchimp however blocked it, saying it was in violation with their rules. How can I fix this? they do not respond to my emails, yet they simply keep referring me to their FAQ, in which i do not find the answers

  2. if high paying affiliate program it is not easy! if free blog post and suppose 1000 traffic visitors per post and 2 or 3 sales! if you use ppc ads then you earn more sure but use exact keyword and high bid


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