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Hey guys! This video is about a little bit of advice that I was given on being bigger than life and learning to use my charm to network. #SelfLove




  1. This is so timely for me. I'm at a point in my business where it's time to step out of the"lab" and onto the networking scene and I don't wanna! Lol The funny thing I is I really do love people and I like sharing my personality and charm but I hold back. Thank you for this thought provoking and timely video!

  2. Yeah I needed to hear this, I've definitely allowed myself to be small over the years. This video was great positive reinforcement that inspired me to step into being my true big self. Thank you Andrea !

  3. I believe it starts with your belief system and faith. As a Christian ( someone who has prayed the prayer of salvation which is this :repented of their sins, believes Jesus died on the cross for you and asked for Jesus to come into their heart) it's about the connection with Jesus first and letting the Holy Spirit in you ( by surrendering to the God in you -the Holy Spirit )give you guidance, courage and letting your gifts shine the way God wants it for you. Faith in your flesh (yourself ) alone is dangerous cuz we will continue to fall on our faces without Jesus Christ. Also, Yes have the courage to step out on faith. 😊 love you. Thanks.


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