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ARE YOU READY TO FINALLY ENJOY A FRESH LUNCH THE WAY YOU WANT IT? The days of soggy and unappetizing lunches are a thing of the past with our Premium Sujeo Neoprene Lunch Bag Totes.  Our Innovative Thermal Insulation Technology will keep your cold foods, cold and your hot foods, hot until lunchtime. 
Whether your packing a picnic for the beach, an all-star lunch for your kids, or a delicious and nutritious lunch for work, our neoprene lunch bag tote is the perfect solution.  It is portable, machine washable, and spacious!

Here’s what one of our customers said about our Sujeo lunch bag:  “I have been using this to take my lunches to work daily. The lunch bag maintains food temperatures very well, I have a small reusable ice pack that I put in with my lunch, but when I open my bag, my lunch is still cold (including salads)!!  There are so many uses for this bag, I just love the versatility of it. I have used it to pack a small picnic lunch for me and my husband. It was lightweight to carry through the park and kept our sandwiches cold (no more lugging a small cooler around!). There is a lot of room inside to fit plastic containers, as I like packing leftovers to take for lunch the next day at work. The bag is easy to clean, just wipe it out and its good to go!”

Let’s Get Into the Product Details: • Soft, Durable Neoprene
• Zip Top Enclosure
• Thermal Insulated
• Stain Resistant
• Color: Black
• Machine Washable
• Product Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 7.5 inches

Experience the Better Way to Enjoy Lunch!  Simply Click the “Add To Cart” Button to Get the Best Neoprene Lunch Bag.  And Consider Getting One for Your Best Friend!

KEEP YOUR LUNCH AND DRINKS COOL! Have you ever prepared an amazing sandwich, only to find it soggy, warm, and unappetizing by the time lunchtime came around? Gross lunches are a thing of the past with our premium Neoprene lunch bag tote! Your fruits, veggies, meats, cheeses, breads, and desserts will stay the right temperature until lunchtime. Guaranteed.
ENJOY OUR “FRESH LUNCH GUARANTEE.” We are confident that our Sujeo neoprene lunch storage bag tote is going to change the way you enjoy your lunchtime meal, or your money back. If you are not satisfied with the freshness of your food by lunchtime, we will offer you a full refund. We know you’re going to love it! It works really well if you love salad like we do.
STOP THE OFFICE LUNCH THIEVES! Now there’s no need to shove your lunch into the company fridge, only to find that someone accidentally ate your lunch. Now you can avoid lunch thieving, by keeping your Sujeo lunch bag tote with you at your desk. AND still enjoy fresh food by the time lunch rolls around!
PLENTY OF SPACE FOR YOUR BREAKFAST, LUNCH, AND DINNER! Our Sujeo leakproof lunch bag tote is big enough to fit all of your favorite foods and snacks to carry you through a long day of changing the world. Our zipper has been improved to be more robust than our competitors.
YOU’LL GET ALL THE “EXTRAS!” We know that you are a big deal, and so we want to provide you with the best! Along with a superior cute Neoprene Container lunchbox, your purchase also comes with a premium shoulder strap for easy and comfortable carrying! The water bottle holder is no longer available.


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