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Sola’s High-Ticket Marketing Newsletter:

How to get more business?

How could I scale my practice?

How can I attract more of the right clients?

How can I attract opportunities that energize me?

These are questions I ask myself on a daily basis…

Learning lately from Dan Lok, I’ve come to understand that there are 3 ways how it’s possible to get answers to those questions:

1. Organic Traffic:

Create valuable content and post it on social media channels, that could be videos, articles, podcasts, quotes.

2. Paid Traffic/Advertising:

Buy your online ”real estate” and reach your target audience via Facebook ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads and Adwords.

3. Influencers:

Connect with though leaders and people who have massive amounts of following on social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and send them a message for possible partnership.

As you get more experience attracting customers should be easy. It’s about using the right strategy to attract them in a cost effective manner.



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