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The perfect leg pillow on the market

Do you feel uncomfortable with your leg or nerve pain while sleeping? Does your back pain or hip discomfort wake you up at midnight?

How to make the best Use of the Leg Pillow

You don’t have to wrestle with it in night to keep it in its place-put it between the knees before sleeping and it will stay there. The pillow relieves back pain by evenly supporting the legs and by keeping them in a neutral position, irrespective of whether you are lying on the right or left side; ankle injuries by isolating ankle and foot; pain in the hip joints by reducing the pressure on them.

We promise you will fall in love with our leg position pillow. With our 100% MONEY BACK guarantee.

Click the “Add to Cart” button in the top right corner of your screen RIGHT NOW and Enjoy Cottile perfect leg pillow!Cottile is the only brand seller on amazon please stop buying fake products from other seller such as HX Tech Direct Lindarizo, Kriss1026,Thelma Maines v Travis J Mccoy Voga Dea.They are FRAUDULENT SellerErgonomical design helps reducing the pressure on low back, Leg and Spine while Sleeping.Perfect Gift for Family or Friends
Conforms to your leg, the pillow will keep stable throughout the whole night.Perfect gift for Father’s day
Made of 100% Memory Foam and Machine Washable Flush cover; Comfortable and Durable
Improves blood circulation for side sleepers, especially during pregnancy or maternity
Backed by manufacturer’s Lifetime warranty and Money Back Promise


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