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Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere,you find yourself.
I made this video for people who need to be motivated. I hope will be helpful.
Thank you and don’t forget to share,to motivate and inspire another people!
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Nick Vujicic.

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  1. the thing is i have no pain, no problems, no feelings, i have nothing to do, i start off the day knowing i have nothing important to do, i have nothing at all. I have the freedom to do anything I want but I do not want that, I do not want to be given the choice of doing anything. I need to be given between 2 choices to start my day off and have something worth it to do. My days are empty. Almost a week ago i was so excited to change everything I have, from personality to new beddings to new everything . . . From that day i've done what i was excited for but . . now what? I have nothing else. I could sit all day on my phone watching netflix and eat but that is not what i want to do. I want to do stuff that means something, yet there is nothing i found. This is a phase I go through every once in a while, feeling lost, but i know ill get past this in no time.

  2. I need to say this so here goes nothing
    I have been trapped in my emotions I am still 11 years old I am looking to show the world my art and my drawing but I can't….I feel like I am trapped I can't do anything I but……I am working to get up show the world what I got I will not hide anymore I will show the world if you are do you drowning try to swim up I know I am no one to talk cuz I am still suffering but I know I will come out one day… day we will ALL came out
    Thx for reading I am sorry if I wasted your time

  3. I'm going through with finding myself and seeing what I'm worth just I'm looking for something that matters i looking for a career .. a plan…. guidance .. I've been trying and trying to find out what my reason why ? with all these distractions with technology i forget about myself and improving myself any one know how this feels ?

  4. I will tell you all something and listen to me. I am currently in the process of bettering my life also. But there is one man who has greatly aided my life. I have never met him probably never will he's here on youtube. look up elliott hulse he has 2 channels one for life advice one for strength training. mainly look at this life advice stuff especially the older stuff he will help you.

  5. can you help me grt over being brain washed for 25 years I left a cult 9 mounths ago. Iam not able to think for myself I think about what others would have me do and be. So I live for others and not myself.

  6. I will be No1 in 2017 in all areas :* so you fagots set your goal to Number 2 so you will be no disappointment cos you fail to be No.1 in 2017 :*
    fu fagagots try harder 😇

  7. Amazing video!!! My only knock is that when different people talk it isn't mixed right. So for the 1st guy I had to turn it up, then when Nick Vujicic starts talking it was way to loud. Other than that is was really inspiring!!!

  8. Wow this video deserves a clap 🙂 I think it's beautiful to watch in a quiet place such as Eco village in Costa Rica. If you have ever considering moving to an Eco village feel free to email me +Costa Rica. It's beautiful and quite here 🙂 you should try to live here.

  9. I just discovered your channel Keep Doing more videos please! I'm a amateur mix martial fighter somedays I want to quit. But now that I have seen your videos it just gives me more motivation to train and work harder and never to give up. THANKS ALOT for your motivational videos God Bless you.


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