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Enable a hitch-mounted cargo carrier, basket, or tray to fold upright for storage in a matter of minutes with a folding hitch adapter! The easy to use HC-FA folding hitch adapter connects a vehicle’s 2″ Class III or IV trailer receiver to the hitch cargo device, allowing it to fold flush with the vehicle bumper. Hitch cargo carriers slide into the folding adapter and are secured by the 5/8″ bolt and an adjustable stabilization bolt. Installation requires the hitch tube on the cargo device to have 2.5″ to 3″ distance from the end to hitch pin hole center for securing. Features a maximum 500 lb load capacity and heavy duty steel construction. Measures 13.5″L x 2.375″W x 5.375″H overall with 9″ pin hole distance from adapter hitch tube to carrier connector.

Compatible hitch carrier racks:

  • Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier AMC-400
  • Black Widow Steel Motorcycle Carrier MCC-500
  • Hitch cargo carrier baskets CC-4820-DLX and CC-6020-DLX

Works with 2″ Class III or IV vehicle hitch receivers
Enables hitch-mounted carriers to fold upright for storage
Requires between 2.5″ to 3″ clearance from hitch tube end to hitch pin hole
5/8″ Hitch pin hole size
Heavy duty steel construction with a 500 lb capacity


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