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Why is the ZTE Axon 7 Mini’s tempered film always smaller than the phone screen?
1, In order to ensure a more natural feel, almost the edge of all phone models, including ZTE Axon 7 Mini, are curved.
2, For most of the phone models, the bright screen is always smaller than the entire screen

3, In fact, the tempered film for all non-full coverage of mobile phone are smaller in size than the actual screen.
As the bright screen of ZTE Axon 7 Mini takes up the largest part of the entire screen of the phones we know, so we feel the ZTE Axon 7 Mini’s tempered film always smaller than the phone screen.

Compatible model: ZTE Axon 7 Mini
1. Protects the screen from scratch of sharp objects and accidental drop.
2. Prevents fingerprints and oil stain. Easy to clean.
3. Made of chemically processed glass, which provides excellent window display, high sensitivity and touch feeling.

Package Contains (including a gift pack):
Tempered Glass Screen Protectors×3
Cleaning cloth×3

1. Buy 1 and get the second for half price!
2. Tempered glassed with 8-9H hardness, featuring maximum protection of the screen. Say goodbye to scratches, scrapes and direct bumps to the screen.
3. 98% transparency and 98% reflectance to allow an optimal, natural viewing experience and reduce eyestrain.
4. Ultra thin. 0.26mm in thick, reliable and resiliant, to provide full sensitivity to touchscreen.
5. Oleophobic coating, to repel oils, fingerprints and dust while allowing a simple and bubble-free application.


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