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Dynamic Performance: Our state of the art design is constructed with durable steel blades that shred up to 6 sheets of 20 lbs. paper into 0.16 x 1.38 Inches pieces at a speed of up to 8 pages per minute. Capable of shredding credit cards, paper clips and staples with ease. A security rating of 2 ensures that the shredded document will be unrecognizable to prying eyes. Space Saving Design: This space saving design, combines level 3 security with a cross-cut design, perfect for any Home/Office. Includes a 2.64 gallon bin that positions easily under a desk and allows for quick and easy emptying in seconds. Anti-Jam Design : Paper jams are a thing of the past with our Anti-Jam technology and convenient reverse function. Other features include auto-start and auto-stop for quick shredding that allows you to place the material in the paper slot and simply walk away.This unit is designed for not more than 2 minutes of shredding at a time.
Dynamic Performance
Space Saving Design
Anti-Jam Design
6 Sheet Paper Capacity
Security Level 2


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