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Angel Soft ps is the brand of premium two-ply bathroom tissue that delivers the appearance and softness of at-home tissue for today’s discerning business customers and employees. Whether you manage a hospitality property, restaurant or an upscale office building, you want to make a positive impression on your guests, patrons or tenants – every time. One of the most simple and fool proof ways to impress people at minimal cost is to offer your customers quality, familiar brands to use in your facilities.Rolled bathroom tissue for use in residential, office, commercial, and other bathrooms
Embossed white tissue paper has two plies for strength and absorbency
Roll contains 450 perforated sheets of tissue that measure 4 x 4.05 inches (W x L)
Contains a minimum of 20% recycled paper and 20% pre-consumer waste paper
Complies with EPA CPG and EPA standards for recycled fiber content


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