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  1. some kid spoke about using a mobile operation trucks and doing a glith where he give me a car worth 900k seem cool kid me being paranoid getting banned  didn't trust him . wish I had done the glitch like he said as to be fair I don't give a shit about being banned

  2. please will u tell everyone about ps4 has not got mod menu only pc got 1 (itz icey a utuber) telling people that give him money to get in he money lobby he live just don't. want any 1 getting ripped off

  3. I'm on Xbox looking to trade modded cars I have the caddy,dune,modded buccaneer with Yankton plate,modded coquette roofless version Yankton plate,modded sovereign with green window tint Yankton plate,modded mesa hardtop version,modded mesa soft top version,technical custom,insurgent custom, Halloween bike and Halloween Roosevelt, modded life guard blazer without boxes, modded life guard blazer with boxer, reaper with 3D paint job,tron bike with 3D paint job,Sanchez with modded wheels,elegy retro with 3D paint job and Yankton plate GT is Tiny Fold on Xbox

  4. 💥YaSherif NEVER post fake glitchs. Some people in the comments are saying it's still working.
    Glitches get patched, timing is everything and some times things get patched before you hit it.
    I love a good glitch as much as the next guy but I didn't get a chance to hit it either but I'm not worried because the next big glitch is right around the corner.


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