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Hello friends,here I am sharing some ideas to earn money from home.
This video is mainly focused on Indian Housewife as I can relate to them easily.
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Set your Priorities!
Tips to Organise your Home!
How to start Decluttering ?


Thanks for watching.



  1. This is the first video where you have not asked to click on subscribe or like your video (it is so genuine) best and candid opinion given. Love that. Thanks πŸ™‚ I am sharing your videos with all the ladies in my family and friends.

  2. Hi very nice and useful tips…but as Minimalist mom we think even your videos are also very short it will be better if you give a detail video we feel it would be good upload 1 video per weak You are taking very long period

  3. ❣Hi, Divya, good advice, not only for India! During my school and study time I supported children at school and the parents paid me for that. My sister in law did some short studies and became what we call a ,day mother' for smaller children before Kindergarden. She is paid for that from the government or the parents, but of course you can arrange that also on private basis, if you like to look after children and find parents who want or have to go to work. If you are good in organising you can arrange birthday or other parties for people with little time…there are a lot of possibilities and first thing is to think about things you are good in. By the way: if somebody is at home for the house and the children, there is no reason to feel guilty, I totally agree! But sometimes it's necessary. Love, Monika❣


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