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Joe Soto’s Local Consulting Academy Program:

Joe Soto’s Local Consulting Academy Program:

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  1. I might be uploading a live recording of Joe Soto consulting us and answering our questions through Facebook Live (with his permission). If this is something you guys would like to see, simply smash that like button!

  2. Hey J, if my niche for my SMMA is restaurants… how specific should my niche be e.g Can I market for all restaurants or certain types such as only Indian Restaurants? What would Joe do?

    I'd appreciate some feedback, thank you.

  3. Hey J I love your videos just this week i discovered SMM and I am super interested I just finished High School and wasnt willing to go to college, anyhow I found out about all this and it might be finally tge career i want to take as I didnt know what to do with myself!
    Your videos are super educational about the topic you help out a whole ton!!
    I am grateful for this, so id like to thanks you.
    I have found myslef a course of SMM but its only 2 hours a week
    Do you think thats good enough it lasts 20 weeks!
    Later i will be doing a 10 week course again based on 2 hrs a week and hopefully after that another 10 week course of 4hrs a week with professional SMMAs.
    Do you think thats enough to have me qualified or do I need anything more?
    If there is a way to contact you personally how would it be?
    Thanks you.

  4. Hey I am working on a big project and it is going to be released soon and I want to share it with you! I don't want money or anything, I want to get you on board with a few other hand selected people me and my team have found. Email me at
    Im excited to talk to you, if email doesn't work for you then please reply with how I can get into contact with you.

  5. Thank you, bud. Great value you have here as always. Just curious and off-topic. Are you using ClickFunnels for your clients? If so, what happens to their funnels if they decide to cancel your service?


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