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✰Hi! Ruth here. Today I’ll be showing you how to get money FAST on Hotel Hideaway!
✰I’ll show you how to loot rifts, collect the daily reward, and sell items in the recycling machine.
✰Keep in mind that this ISN’T in our “A Beginner’s Guide to Hotel Hideaway” series.
✿ 0:31 – 1:52 Finding and Looting a Rift
✿ 2:02 – 2:25 Using the Recycling Machine
✿ 2:27 – 2:36 Claiming the Daily Reward
✰Comment any questions or concerns you have!
✰Remember, we make videos based on comments! Comment a video you want to see in the future or a problem you’re having on the game, and we’ll consider making YOUR comment into a video!
~Xoxo, Allison and Ruth💖
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