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Many individuals starting a home based business or internet business would like to get paid fast. While receiving a check from your job every two weeks is gratifying, there’s nothing like receiving instant payments to your PayPal account.

In this video, I break down how you can make money with PayPal. I go in-depth to multiple networks you can use to get instant payments from PayPal via the products you sale.

Once we review the affiliate networks and the strategy behind finding a good product to sale, I go through varies ways to get traffic to your affiliate links so that you can make sales. I reveal both paid and free advertising methods.

I suggest one should implement both, so you will continue to have a flood of traffic coming to your affiliate offers and your PayPal account growing with sales and commissions.



  1. Great video bro
    It was helpful to understand how traffic goes
    but i still think that making the website is the hardest thing so i would love if you could make tutorials how to make a good website
    P.S im enjoying your content and keep it up


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