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Based on my success in previous home-based business, I was given an opportunity to become a Founding Member of this exciting new Wine Club that recently transitioned to a network marketing business model! It is ALREADY RECOGNIZED as the FASTEST GROWING Wine Club in The WORLD.

I am SO glad I said YES to this opportunity. I am currently in the top 10 income earners of the company and (as of 7/22/17) I have earned over $71,000 since Nov 2016. We are a monthly wine tasting club: Direct Cellars. We receive great wines, delivered to our front door, from small batch wineries from across the globe.

I am responsible for continuing fast-track growth by connecting new business partners / distributors to the business opportunity and teaching them our simple, duplicating system. I also grow our customer base via our wine of the month club.

I really love it. It’s a new concept, wine is an economy proof item, and everyone loves a good monthly subscription to wine. While I love a good glass of wine, what I am super obsessed with is helping women start and build an income producing businesses that they can run from home/wifi.

What about you … when was the last time you enjoyed a great glass of wine?

Priscilla Ashleigh
Elite Founding Member, Direct Cellars
Top 10 Income Earner
Home-Based Business Mentor
I Help People Find Success At Home



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