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STILL WORKING – July 30, 2017

Only works on Smartphones, Tablets, iPhone and iPad (Android and iOS)

Hello Guys! I will show you today how to make money online just by installing apps in your phone! This method is very easy and I guarantee you that you can make money in just an hour. Now the way this works is that the advertisers which is shown in the website Grand Galaxy is paying them when a user install an apps which then paid to the user after you have earned a certain points. You can check the rewards tab and see the Rewards with the corresponding points.

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Ways To Earn on Grand Galaxy

* Offers:
Enter your real information when completing an offer. The points will be invalid when you use fake information. You will receive the points after submitting the offer.

* App Installs:
Install an App to Gain Points.

* PIN Submit:
Enter Your Phone Number and Receive the code, then submit the code and earn points.

Link: (Only works on Smartphones, Tablets, iPhone and iPad) Android and iOS

After completing the offer just refresh your browser to update your points.

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