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  1. Hi this might sound ignorant for some but I’m pretty new to this type of things. I have a question. Is this machine good for heat transfer paper? Or will it work as a plotter for making shirts, caps, mugs, and plates?

  2. I like your idea about marketing it as a team fundraiser. I am curious to know how you work that. Wouldn't I need to take orders to reach the 100 mark? I am guessing that if you took the decals to the event then you charged $10 for those. Is that correct?
    Love the video!

  3. Please please please help me… I just bought this machine and I have not had it more than a week I took it directly out of the box I followed all the directions and it will not cut absolutely will not I have changed the settings on it I've done everything that I can think of doing and it still will not cut the material

  4. Hi could you cut out mobile phone skin /wrap with this machine looking at maybe starting a business here in UK not sure what machine would be best or what vinyl just clear stuff that protects the phone I paid Β£50 to cover my phone yesterday

  5. Hey! I love the video and thank you for sharing how to make money doing this! I just have a couple quick question, is it possible to add other colors and have 2 or more colors to a decal? and what is the clear tape called that you put over the decals? πŸ™‚ Thank you.


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