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Motivational video 2017. Motivational Speech.




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Steven Bartlett


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  1. fuck fear and peoples opinions that should be your attitude be what you want too be i use the word fuck too motivate me i dont like the word but we all need too use what motivates us get angry

  2. OH my God I've literally never been so ready to not care what others think of me all my life I've always worried of what others think but now I don't care it's my life so guess what if you were like me and we're always worrying just say in your head FUCK them it's not there life to live it's yours

  3. can someone plz give me motivation because I have been depressed for a year and I'm only 13, I used to have a lot of friends and everyone would like me but now nobody likes me and I feel in loved and alone

  4. I'm being bullied in school right now.. im about to talk with the counceler.. This really helped me be ready for 8th grade.. thank you for making my birthday better <3

  5. Question…
    What is it that inspires people from when Steven talks. I'm not trying to offend and I'm sure he does inspire a lot of people. I'm just trying to understand how people get inspired by what he's saying when I don't sense any emotion at all and just hear words I've already heard from others.

  6. That's what is so confusing about this mentality. Is that even if you did live forever that still wouldn't make it ok to live like this, constantly consumed by self doubt and fear of people's judgement, being reserved, avoiding doing things you'd like to do etc.


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