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INTRODUCING THE Play games. Watch videos. Shop online. Check your email. Lightweight and portable, the T10 houses all your entertainment needs. No need to open up a laptop, or wait for your desktop to load. Just press the on button, and go. ALL-IN-ONE ENTERTAINMENT The T10 brings you all-in-one entertainment in a slim, sleek package. What you enjoy most about the web is at your fingertips: download apps, play games, watch videos, check email, and more. The T10’s dual camera also lets you take photos and videos, for easy sharing with friends and family. With everything you can do on the T10, the micro SD HC slot ensures you don’t run out of room, with expansion up to 32GB. DUAL-CORE PROCESSOR A tablet depends on speed and ease of use. The T10’s dual-core processor allows for multi-tasking and smooth transitions between applications. Read your favorite blog while downloading music, or go from a game to a video without a hitch. BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY The T10 boasts Bluetooth technology, letting you use your favorite Bluetooth devices with the tablet. Stream audio to a Bluetooth speaker, or use Bluetooth earphones and headphones for private listening.Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 7.85 inches Display
All winner ARMv7 1.0 GHz (1.0 MB Cache)
8.0 GB Flash Memory, 8.0 GB RAM Memory
8.0-hour battery life, 0.65 pounds


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