While there might be small exceptions to this rule, by in large, you are unlikely to find someone who wants to mentor you online until you have a functional business online. It’s a chicken or the egg situation. In this video, I explain why no internet marketers want to mentor you, and what to do about it.



  1. off topic but Dan! Your social bookmarking method works wonders in seo and traffic ! I love it man your coarse is worth every penny. I just did a video of my results using your recommended manual social bookmarks ! Thanks for your advice and expertise

  2. The truth is people to selfish and shady now in days nobody is gonna help anybody specially if the person don't have nothing to bring to table youtubers go make friends with youtubers that have same amount on subscribers this way u guys in same level but reality is once u making lot of money u not gonna think bout anybody but urself off course if is somebody that have great content to add to urs other than that I not gonna get no love

  3. I think the problem also is a lot of people don't want to put the time and the effort to be successful.  You can give people the best advice but its up to them to take action go through trial and error and make money on their own.  I like your videos and ive learned a lot I was so worried about having to create a website but once I watched your video I realized wow that's so easy.

  4. great video sir.
    love iT.

    sir I want your help I'm 17 yr old and I want to do affiliate marketing.

    and I'm traveling to register my mother Bank details. in Amazon

    but getting errors. ????????


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