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Officials for the mega-church won't prove it's flooded.
Officials for the mega-church won’t prove it’s flooded.

Image: wikimedia commons/tobedaniel

Lakewood Church, the Houston arena-cum-megachurch home of celebrity preacher Joel Osteen, would seem a natural place to house some of the tens of thousands residents driven from their homes by Hurricane Harvey-related flooding this week.

As the former home of the Houston Rockets, its 16,000 seats are spacious enough for big crowds. And one would think a religious institution would be inclined to open its doors to the needy in a time like this as others in the area already have.

Yet as the fallout from the storm continues to devastate the area, the massive building remains suspiciously empty.

The church said in a Facebook post on Sunday morning that it’s “inaccessible due to flooding” and directed residents to a list of other shelters.

But several people in the area are now questioning this claim with photos posted on social media of the building’s exterior and surrounding grounds.

Aside from its initial post this weekend, the church has remained silent on the matter. Emails were not returned, and an automated phone message said no one could answer because of “inclement weather conditions in our area.”

A statement from the church later on Monday afternoon said it had volunteers working in shelters around the city, but made no mention of the status of its own building or its prospects as a similar relief zone.

“We are working diligently with the city of Houston to mobilize our many volunteers at shelters around the city as well as various other points of need in and around the Houston area,” the statement posted to Facebook read. “In addition, we are working with Samaritan’s Purse on major relief efforts.”

A church spokesperson told a Slate reporter that the church is actually open to those seeking shelter now, but it’s social media channels make no mention of that change.

As for Osteen himself, the superstar pastor has punctuated his usual stream of religious aphorisms on Twitter with a few calls to pray for Harvey victims, but he’s stayed mum on the church controversy. Making the optics worse, he’s also supposedly blocked multiple users who’ve asked him about it.

Photos have purported to show floods in the church’s lower parking levels on Sunday night, and some Twitter users have speculated that that and floods in the surrounding roads may be too blame.

But judging from the number of social media sleuths who visited on Monday, the place seems accessible enough.

Stay tuned for updates.

Updated Monday, Aug. 28 4:40 p.m. PT with a statement from the church. A previous version of this story said the flooding claim was most recently posted on Facebook last Friday. The latest post was actually on Sunday. f750 0f37%2fthumb%2f00001

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