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What if we take relatively inexpensive hardware and use it to APPROXIMATE Segmented Security?


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  1. I have a vpn server at home that I use from free wifi hotspots for security. I currently port forward to the vpn server. If I reconfigure to the three dumb router system, then how do I port forward from the core router to the vpn server under one of the other routers?

  2. This video is exactly what I was looking for. Now that we are all secure since we are running 3 dumb routers only problem now is how do you port forward for the xbox and ps4. I have looked over the internet and followed some instruction only to find the the consoles still say the nat is restricted.

  3. This video is exactly what I was looking for. I recently added a CUJO firewall to my network but in doing so I no longer have access to any sort of Guest WIFI functionality on my Netgear X4S router (the CUJO takes over all DNS duties and cannot see the guest network itself to hand them out). This is a a great way to keep it working on a trusted segment, use a 2nd router for all (semi-trusted) guests, and a 3rd for a device or two that I know is 'sick' -an Android TV box running you-know-what.

  4. Microtik vs Ubiquiti? What is the best for a Wifi multi AP instalation.
    I know only the basic Microtik programing (RIP OSPF for routing tables) network asinging simple things so maybe Uniquiti is way better?

  5. I've got three routers set up as Steve and Padre advocate. One has no wireless capabilities and it is the one connected to the provider's modem. Off that I have a router that has wireless to talk to my phone, plus I've got my computer and NAS box coming off it. The third router is an old one like you were showing. I only use it because my tablet is wi-fi connect only and uses an old security scheme which this router is set to. I realize that the wi-fi is the weak spot in the system, but I need the two different security settings to talk to my stuff. Any suggestions (besides the obvious upgrade of the tablet) to get the overall system a bit more secure? Thanks.

  6. Loving this Networking series. I have a few questions on this 3 router setup:
    1. Would this setup be considered double natting?
    2. How would we achieve multiple dumb routers setup with ONE good router? I believe AP isolation disallow communications btw devices on untrusted network, is there a way if we want bad guys to talk to other bad guys on the untrusted network?
    3. Why cant we we connect devices directly to root router. Is it b/c of possibility of being spoofed from something behind subrouter?


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