You had questions, I give answers!
At least as it pertains to my current full-time YouTuber existence. Life is interesting, man.

LGR Foods lives here by the way, haha:



  1. Dude, I absolutely understand the need for space to get your head "clear". I used to contribute to websites when I was a teenager, and I intentionally chose to do it at libraries or places away from home for the very same reason

  2. I have to be honest here. I've watched your videos for awhile now, and I used to think shoes made the man, but now I realize that leaves grass blades stare ha don't you know it?

    Because owner to what extent takes technology about conversations.

  3. Yeah I do wonder stuff myself. If somebody's life is just youtube and somebody somehow makes enough to not have a "real job" I wonder what that life is like and how it is balanced. When I'm feeling shitty mentally/physically I do tend to watch Clint's old videos again even just because there is something about them that is relaxing. So thanks for being a cool guy Clint. Wish you the best. It's cool to see still how many comments you respond to on your channel still so big ups!

  4. AH I know exactly what ya mean mate. I have a studio at home. But it is a 3 story house. So downstairs is the studio and upstairs is home. But even still, it is so important to get out of the house even if just for a coffee or some food. I wouldn't have it any other way though. Sitting in a car every morning and night in peak hour traffic to get to work and back just isn't my thing. Walking down the stairs is much much better. Only problem is clients assume I am in front of the computer 24/7 and I get calls and messages at any time of night. I did set myself up in Thailand, so just up the road are endless massage places and bars and great places to eat and have fun, so this does make it a bit easier to have the break we all need – actually…..have to exercise a great deal of control at the same time not to over enjoy the fruits of life too much and get the work done.

  5. I still don't understand what makes business storage a unit you can actively spend time in producing product as if it were an office. I really should have an office to go to work, and I just haven't found the right place at the right price but a storage unit… man I dunno.

  6. You don't have a family of your own yet? How old are you? I'm sorry to pry–because I think, the way you collect and enjoying your collection I thought you would at least as old as me–42. But your face doesn't look it, at all. Never mind if you don't wanna answer. Just curious.

  7. I think what you do is fantastic, if I felt I could make money collecting old computers and shopping at Goodwill I totally would. I just don't have an interesting enough persona

  8. This was a good reminder that Clint is just a guy like any of us. He needs to separate work and life, he needs to manage the spaces in his life… he needs to balance work life and personal life. Stuff like this just makes me appreciate him and this amazing channel even more. His videos and things like his thrifting have really inspired me and my family to go out and to collect all sorts of things. So yeah, awesome video, as always.

  9. Yeah blending your hobby, passion, career aspirations and income together must be tough – I know people say "doing work you love means never working again" but with YouTubing (is that a word?!) you have the pressure of getting content out, editing, research, being a porn in the advertising game and that's even before the overhead of being self-employed and COMMENTS, oh the comments! Love the compartmentalisation strategy of work and home-life. Thinking out loud here, maybe to lessen the pressure of two videos per week, do the Intel approach of tick-tock; a relaxed to camera / thrift-store (we're here for your personality, anyone can hold up a game-box), and a tock of an in-depth review.

  10. Totally makes sense and not surprising in the least. My wife and I run a special effects & cosplay supply company out of our home and it gets insanely overwhelming at times. When you need to walk through a pile of new stock and booth parts on the way to the washroom everyday, work and home life become one and the same.

  11. Love watching your oldschool computer videos, man. I didn't get into them until late 99, so you showing those from before that is neat. Keep it up, also love the history videos about old companies

  12. You're one of my first sub'd videos years ago, my first patreon, and this video is awesome insight. It's not just a good video where you are showing us a side we never see, but frankly it's also good professional advice in general. Thanks for sharing. Please keep doing what you do.

  13. It's been really cool hearing about how things work behind the scenes with your channel LGR. I'm glad you still enjoy your work as the quality of your content is top notch! 🙂

  14. Man I just wanna thank you for what you do. I only discovered your channel this year and burned though all of your content in a couple of weeks. I didn't even realize how fascinated I was by old hardware and PC gaming in general, so I really hope that you continue to be able to make a living doing this if you still enjoy it. Good work.

  15. Honestly I think that it's super smart separating your home from your own business. It probably helps you keep a routine (you notice the lack of it during long breaks) and will help you mentally to separate home-time from work-time. So I am really happy you managed to get this to work, Clint! ❤️

  16. This was pretty damn interesting, a cool insight.
    You're a good and coherent talker by the way, it's safe to do more of these if you feel like it ;).

    There was no confusion here, I was wondering what the other storage was for and how it worked with electricity indeed but it was kind of obvious that you had it all figured out :). I am happy to hear that you're still passionate about what you do. It shows and it's one of the reason I watch this stuff.
    Regards from the Netherlands!

    Also, did you say 850 square feet? That's 270 square meters, or am I fucking up the calculations? That's a HUUUUGE house.
    I think something may go wrong here. My house is 300 square feet and that's a proper semi-detached house where two people can live comfortably with a lot of audio and computer equipment :D.

  17. A good youtuber isn't just information and entertainment. It's a relationship. It eventually feels like hanging out with a buddy a couple of times a week. After several years of "hanging out", it feels like you're friends in a weird kind of way. And you light up when a new video is posted. Some guy's have that, other guys don't. You, Boogie2988, Jim Stirling,Quill18, and sometimes Phil Defranco are all in my circle of friends. Thanks for the awesome work. It means a lot.

  18. Who the fuck disliked this?! One of the most interesting insights into YouTube! It's videos like this that make you realise just the kind of strain people put on their own lives for your entertainment. I'm sorry you had to go through that Clint, and I'm so glad you made it through and found a healthy work-life balance! – Mitch from Australia

  19. Heh, I could hear the capital letters drop into place around 'The Collection'.

    It's good to keep work and life separate, glad you've got a handle on it now. Even doing something you love will become a lead weight around your neck if you let it. Hoping for and looking forward to many more videos!


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