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–No More Stumbling in the toilet! No More Accidentally Peeing on a closed toilet and making a mess! (yes that does happen with kids and as well as adults when you’re half sleep) –It’s a perfect night light for children who are scared to go to the toilet at night. With this night light, they can go to the toilet at night fearlessly so potty training can be accomplished quicker than ever. –The light is designed in a way that it doesn’t get dirty and any dust that accumulates on the light can be cleaned easily. Instructions For Use

1: 8 colors gradually change mode:After installing 3 AAA batteries, the mode defaults to an 8-color gradient mode.

2 : Monochrome fixed mode : When the color changes to your favorite color, you just need to press the button ,it will shows this current color without changing .

3: Monochrome mode switch to 8-color gradient mode: when there is aMonochrome mode , it will switch to 8-color gradient mode once you press the button.

Note: there is no memory function of our products. when you you activate it next time, the color shows red and the status is monochrome mode / 8 color gradient mode , which depend on it’s mode state last time you set.


–This light Only activates in darkness.

–Need 3x AAA Batteries (the battery are not Includes).


Induction distance: 2 meters     Special function: motion sensor

Color: white     Size: 2.2*2.2*0.73 inches     Voltage: 4.5 Volts     Power: 1 watts

Light color: 8-color (blue, red, yellow, purple, pink, brown, green, white)

Package included –1 x Toilet Nightlight –1 x InstructionsMotion Activated–When you enter the toilet light will automatically activate, lighting your way and it will deactivate while you leave. Light sensitive for maximize battery life.
Personalizatio– Color is set to rotate, 8 colors 120 seconds, each color random 15 seconds.Also can set only one color, to Match your home decor.
Easy to Clean– Afety to use. It is smart and energy-efficient affordable device that make bathroom modern, pleasant and easier.
Energy Saving and Useful– It make your bathroom easy to access via the auto-sensing device, Soft PVC neck can be flexibly bended for more convenience, Sleek and stylish design, delicate ornament, Suitable for all bathrooms.
Buyer Feedback—“At night the last thing I want to do is turn on a light to wake up any one in my family. No one really likes being blinded by the bathroom light in the middle of the night.After using the Dream’s Story toilet light, I don’t have to worry about waking anyone up with my frequent bathroom trips. ”


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