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STEP 1 – Find a hot affiliate niche

STEP 2 – Find Free Traffic Keywords

We do this automatically with the Keyword Titan tool!
Search multiple keywords and find the most profitable keywords that will get us free traffic, click export and now it’s time for us to actually make money…

STEP 3 – Create Campaign in 1 minute
Now, we need to choose our affiliate programs we’re going to promote – and create an instant video file..
This only takes a few seconds with Website2Image!
Simply load the software, choose from 100 top affiliate programs… and create slides from the sales letter!
Then export the campaign zip, ready for the next step…

STEP 4 – Create Videos in 1 minute
Now, we need to create a new video – automatically with my Image2Video software.
Create instant videos by importing your Website2Image campaign file.
Image2Video video creator software creates instant affiliate review videos for any affiliate program, using the campaign file you just built with Website2Image..
Go from affiliate niche, to profitable video in 1 minute…

STEP 5 – Get FREE Traffic
Now your video is complete, you’ll want to host it online.

Firstly, use Domainaveli to find the best, keyword-rich, Google-friendly $1,000 domain names…
Then simply register your domain and install my Done For You Titan WP theme…
Instant create an authority affiliate site – to get you free traffic from Google, and earn affiliate commissions!
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How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing | Clickbank | $1k/day With Free Traffic Keywords

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