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Business travelers always on the move need space to spread out, whether it’s to catch up on sleep and combat jet lag or keep up with work from 35,000 feet in the air. German airline Lufthansa knows the hustler market well, which is why it’s unveiled a new design concept for business-class seats fit for royalty.

Lufthansa’s new Business Class will be available for passengers on forthcoming Boeing 777-9 aircraft beginning in 2020, the company explains in a press release. Travelers will have their choice of a long seat that doubles as a 6-foot-6-inch bed (with an option for a 7-foot-2-inch bed), as well as a one- or two-sided desk space that will accommodate their various devices, paperwork and refreshments on flat surfaces and in storage compartments.

The various seating formations will allow each passenger aisle access, and there will be some configurations that allow people traveling in pairs to be together behind one partition. Passengers may control the seat and in-flight entertainment system (complete with large HD screens) from a phone or tablet.

Image Credit: Lufthansa Group

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Side sleepers, have no fear: Although the bed is technically a seat, it flattens and is designed to allow a sleeper’s shoulder to sink in for straight-spine comfort. More than 500 Lufthansa customers weighed in on the development of the new Business Class design, prioritizing comfort and privacy in their feedback.

A fleet of 34 of the new, wider planes will seat 45 to 60 business passengers each, and there will be no first-class section on the aircraft, Bloomberg reports.

If you can’t wait until 2020 for heightened luxury, Lufthansa notes that it has some upgrades in store for business travelers next year. In 2018, the airline says it will begin offering mattresses, blankets and pajamas or “sleeping sweaters” to its business class clientele.

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