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Here you are provided with alternate day questions of tyime and work series.



  1. A alone can do a piece of work in 30 days, while b alone can do it in 15 days and c can do it in 10 days. If in every second day B and in every third day C help A in doing the work, how many days will be required to complete the whole work. ( there is lot of confusion regarding answer either 11 days or 11.25 days, please confirm, bcoz through lcm ans 11.25 days but in general formula answer 11 days, please confirm.)

  2. three men a,b,c working together can do a job 6 hours less than A alone, 1 hour less time than B alone, and in half the time needed by C alone to complete the work..then A and B together can do the work in what time?
    sir kindly solve this in next video


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