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Pedal Exerciser by Vive

The Vive pedal exerciser lets you get a quality, low impact workout in no matter where you are- use it at home, under the desk at work, or anywhere in between! Designed to be used by both hands and feet, simply place the exerciser on a flat surface, adjust the resistance, and pedal away. Your workout results display on a large LCD screen, letting you know the distance covered, your RPM, speed, time, and number of calories burned.

Protected by a one year warranty.

ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE: Allows you to customize the intensity with ease making for the best pedal exerciser workout.
DIGITAL LCD SCREEN: Displays workout results on a large, easy-read screen.
ANTI-SLIP RUBBER FEET: Anti-slip, anti-scuff rubber feet pads prevent the exerciser from sliding and keep you safe.
REHABILITATIVE: Safe, low-impact workout is perfect for recovering from injury.
MULTI-PURPOSE: Can be used by either hands or feet.


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