Plenty of businesses today are still deciding whether they get in-house or outsource their PPC management. To help you decide, experts shared some of the pros and cons of each option.


If you choose this option, you will be able to connect with someone in your office quickly. This can be your best choice if you often need ad copy messaging with new offers or perhaps urgently need a last minute report.

No one knows your company far better than you. Also, expect that all of your employees to have a very solid understanding of how your business operates. Apart from that, they will also know your company’s unique selling features, core competencies, and your customers.

As for its cons, you might find it too difficult to find the right fit. It is common for people to speak about their abilities during an interview but failed if they are put to the test. Apart from that, you must face the fact that employees will need their time off. So if you only have one person in charge in your company, you can definitely put campaign performance at risk.

Furthermore, hiring as well as getting someone new can be a very lengthy process that can jeopardize your online marketing efforts. This can also take away your other important resources.


The main advantage of opting to outsource this service is you can take advantage of the expertise and experience of the experts. Specialists surely know what to do to come up with a successful campaign.

When working with an agency, it is common that more than one person will be assigned to handle your account. There will be a specialist and an account manager. They will make sure that all activities are properly done to make sure that your objectives are achieved on time.

Passion for the things they do is another advantage. They will treat their task not just a job but a profession. Indeed, passion won’t replace skill; however, it surely will enhance it.

Normally, PPC specialist will work with different agencies to manage more than one client’s campaign. Though client hours are often allocated depending on the project’s depth and management fees, it is very common for outsourced management to spend fewer hours working on your account. Still, they give more focus on quality over quantity.

By outsourcing this service, you can be able to work with the right company. Indeed, there are several risks linked to handling your PPC campaign to another agency. Hence, it is very crucial for you to choose the best service provider by taking into consideration different factors. These include affiliations, awards, and certifications.

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