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SIMBR Neck and Back Massager can perfectly help to promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, improve sleep quality, keep you healthy and is perfect for remission of stiff neck, cervical spondylosis, pain and numbness of neck and shoulder.

You have your on/off button, next to that you have your reverse button which reverses the shiatsu balls direction, next button is fast/slow meaning you can slow down the shiatsu or speed it up by different levels and lastly is the heat, you can have it on or off. The kneading balls are covered by a mesh so you don’t sweat while it works on your muscles and the rest of the massager is covered in a soft, smooth leather, it keeps you cool and allows you to move your arms through the loops easily to move the massager to the position you need it to be on your neck and shoulders or down your back.

SIMBR Neck and Back Massager is sure a great gift to your friend or your family to sooth away their pain.


Massage Head Speed: 28 turns (slow mode) / min; 34 turns (fast mode) / min
Massage area size: 33 * 16 * 10cm/13*6.3*4 inches
Strap Size: 50 * 13 * 2cm/20*5*0.8 inches
Overheating Temperature:45 degree centigrade

Automatic Shut-off : 15 minutes
Material: PU fabric
Rated Power: 24W

Package Includes:

1x Shiatsu Kneading massager
1x Car power adapter
1x 12V power adapter
1x User’s ManualSIMBR neck and back massager gives a Shiatsu-type massage and does a nice job of working out tight knots with 8 rollers. You can use it for your neck, shoulders, back, waist, and even your arms, legs and feet.
The GENTLE HEAT brings the device up to body temperature, so it feels as close to human hands and is comfortable on your skin. There is an overheat protection to prevent it from overheating.
The reverse button which reverses the shiatsu balls direction allows you to target specific spots on your back in an effective way. This massager also has an automatic shut-off after 15 minutes. It gives you peace of mind should you fall asleep while using it.
You can further customize your massage experience to your specific needs and preferences by pressing the intensity button. There are also loops that you can put your hands in so you can get the amount of pressure that works for you.
It comes with an AC adapter and also a car adapter. The power adapters provided with the massager makes it easy to use it even when you’re on the go. SIMBR covers a 18-month product warranty and a rapid-response replacement service for all of you.


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