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In this video I interview Billy Willson, 19 year old social media marketing student who has made $3000 Profit.

Billy Willson’s channel:

Learn how to build a six figure Social Media Marketing Agency:

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  1. Yo, we need a video that lays out the different types of results you can present your client at the end of each month. What kind of results do you include in your report? I know it depends what goal the campaign is created around but ultimately what are some genres of results you send with every report? Results is what makes the business run – hook it up!

  2. Hey Ryan!! First off I want to say that you have motivated me to get into SSM. I can say I am going to buy your program when I receive my pay this weekends!!! My only question is one of the modules about becoming LLC….. is it only applicable for Canada or any other countries. I live in Singapore so I was wondering about that? Anyways awesome content bro and I am 100% sure I will be 1 of your success stories! Thanks brother

  3. Ryan this testimonial is dope! Use this video on a webinar and sell the course! It gave me an itch to want to buy this course now 😫 I want to know what the hell this guy knows at 19 that he can quit his job 😲


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