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This vintage inspired sewing box really is as cute as a button, this sewing basket is perfect for storing all your sewing accessories. Complete with multi-compartment tray, mounted pin cushion and elasticated pocket. Button It- Putting the fun back into needle work. A unique range of Sewing Boxes and Novel Accessories, which are all exclusively designed in the UK by Carly Carter. Whether you’re an accomplished seamstress or just starting to experience the delights of the sewing world, we have something to brighten up your project! All our products are hand crafted and beautifully detailed, ensuring no sewing task will ever be dull again! A Note from the Designer- “Cute, Fun and Designed with love. I hope you have as much fun using your Button It product as I had creating it! Love Carly Carter”Button It: Suitable to store most types of sewing and knitting accessories; including needles, threads, scissors and wool
Button It: Includes secure popper lid with mounted pin cushion and elasticated pocket, plus a removable 4 section tray

Button It: Cotton exterior with vintage inspired pattern and contrast lining
Button It: 9.4 x 4.9 x 6.7 inches


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