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Q1: How to connect to bluetooth ?
A1: Power on both your watch and your phone, and allow for the devices to search and recognize each other before clicking “connect.”
The watch’s bluetooth name is “A1”

Q2: What functions are available for Android? (Without inserting a SIM card or memory card)
A2: When connected to bluetooth, you can sync music to play. Also, you can use the: Pedometer, Sleep Tracker…ETC
When you scan the QR code on the watch, you will then be able to download and install “apk”
which allows the following functions to operate: Message Reminder, Call Reminder, Answer Call, Dial Call, Remote Control, Push Message,Calendar, Anti-lost + More!

Q3: What functions are avaliable for iPhone? (Without inserting a SIM card or memorry card)
A3: No need to scan the QR code on the watch, nor install apk. When connected to bluetooth ,you will be able to use Dial,answer calls, but no texting.

Q4: What other functions are available when you insert a SIM card and memory card ?
A4: You can use Facebook, Twitter and etc…Like a stand-alone phone.( For all Android and iPhone device)

Q5: What kinds of SIM cards are available?
A5: GSM 850/900/1800/1900

Q6: What kinds of Memory cards (SD cards) are available ?
A6: Max of 32 GB

Q7: How to open the watch to insert a SIM card and memory card ?
A7: There is a small slot on the underside of the watch-head positioned in the same corner as the camera that can be used to pry open the watch.

Q8: Can you use GPS to locate your position ?
A8: NO.

Q9: How can I silence the watch when powering it on and off?
A9: Go to settings, and set the watch to quiet mode (Settings > Profiles > Silent)

Q10: What time settings are available for the watch?
A10: Military time

Q11: What’s the password of the watch needed to modify some default mode settings?
A11: 1122HD DISPLAY: High sensitive capacitive touch screen; Perfect match technology
CAMERA: Enjoy the convenience of snapping the best photos right from your watch.
SIM CARD: Compatible as an independent mobile phone with SIM card slot; Support up to 32GB Memory Card.


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