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It is now more apparent than ever that the richest people in Britain are creating their own fortunes rather than inheriting it.

According to a preview of The Sunday Times Rich List, which lists the 1,000 wealthiest individuals and families in the UK, there are also a number of wealthy individuals that give a substantial amount of their fortunes to charity.

Within the rankings, The Sunday Times also has sub-index called “The Giving List” which looks at the amount an individual is worth and what proportion they give to charity in a year.

Ahead of the full Sunday Times Rich List, which will be released in May, Business Insider took a quick look at the 11 most charitable rich people in Britain. All figures were account for the year leading up to April 30, 2017:

11. Sir Mike Uren

Net worth: £140 million.

Donations: £13.6 million.

Giving Index: 9.74%.

Main beneficiaries: Education, medical, environment.

The 93-year-old was the founder and chairman of manufacturer from 1955 to 2006. He spends a lot of his fortune donating to the Imperial College London university, where he attended. For example in 2014, he donated £40 million to a new biomedical engineering centre.

10. Sir Elton John

Net worth: £290 million.

Donations: £34.3 million.

Giving Index: 11.82%.

Main beneficiaries: HIV/Aids, medical, arts.

The music artist is one of the country’s most active campaigners and has raised huge sums for his UK and US-based Aids Foundations.

9. Jonathan Ruffer

Net worth: £406 million.

Donations: £49.8 million.

Giving Index: 12.27%.

Main beneficiaries: Community, arts, social, heritage.

The former investment banker and barrister has become one of Britain’s most charitable art philanthropists. He is also a famous art collector and even gives £75,000 grants to art curators every year as part of his The Art Fund.

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