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“This is like cocaine for the brain”
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  1. I just want to go to grad school and become a scientist or something, but everyone in my life is lazy and pessimistic, it really just rubs off on to me and I become lazy and pessimistic :^(

  2. It's difficult to change our mindset and try to feel happy in the rough patches of life, but if we don't learn to do this we will never be satisfied. If you don't train yourself to appreciate what you have when you’re at the bottom, you will carry the mindset ok your way to the top as well.

  3. Great video! Key ideas from the interview:

    1. “Everyone says, ‘I want that next level’, but they don’t understand [that] energy is the requirement to get there.”

    2. “We have to determine the feeling that we are after and live into that feeling, not hope it lands on us.”

    3. “If no one thinks you’re crazy, you’re not yet operating to the outer limits of your potential.”

    4. “If you want to win, your identity has to be tied into that thing in which you’re trying to succeed at and give to.”

    5. “You’re going to have to grow into a person above and beyond who you are today if you’re really going to reach greatness.”

    6. “Learning is the ultimate lever to leveling up.”

    7. “When we honor the struggle instead of hate the struggle, we can really achieve extraordinary things.”

    8. “The journey to greatness begins the moment that our deep desires for comfort and ease are overpowered by our desires to connect and contribute.”


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