Do you want to work from home? Here are just some of the very best home office equipment, tools, furniture and devices that you can make use of..

Technical parameters: NO required for battery charging. Dimension: size of 7,8,9,10,11 and 12 Weight:0.11 lbs Technology: Near Field Communication Material:pure titanium Input/Output:NFC Waterproof grade: IP68 Property: waterproof,shockproof and dustproof Carrier frequency: 13.5MHZ Purchase advice: Slight color difference may be possible due to sun shine or computer resolution. Dear customer, welcome to Chinaface where you would enjoy a pleasant shopping experience that all goods are through careful selection and are of first-rate quality. We hope to provide with you best customer service not only before but also after sales such as arranging shipment within 48 hours and 100% guarantee of goods returning and refund. The items will reach you in perfect condition after 7-12 working days by USPS from China.Wearable gadgets component that runs magic functions on mobile phone by achieving mobile function and sharing the data through NFC wireless frequency communication technology.
Blended with rare metals,magnetite from volcano and far-infrared particles,contributing a lot to wearer’s health.
Your personal secret key. Random configuration of cellphone Apps locker and screen locker, which could only be unlocked by smart ring.
Your magic business card. Sharing or editing image and business card information, compatible with Android, IOS and Windows mobile phones.
NO need for battery from electromagnetic wave energy. Link sharing:information consulting, enabled by one click.


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