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Convenient cooling mat
The tough, durable mat contains a non-toxic cooling gel that does not require water, freezing or electricity to activate. The flat surface
can be simply wiped clean with a damp cloth. The pad will keep your pets healthy and cozy in the hot summer.


Health- and environment-conscious
The cushion made from safe and sturdy nylon, and the inner is cool gel. Our chilly mats are useful in cooling your pet on a hot day, or can aide
in the treatment of medical conditions that respond well to cooling. Make your lovely friend relax and sooth. Whether you’re on the road or
at home, your four-legged friends never have to suffer in the heat.

8-Hour Continuous Comfort
The self-charging pad keeps pets for up to 8 hours of continuous relief. Your pet¡¯s body temperature will cause the mat to eventually warm up,
so it is best to remove from the pet and allow the air temperature to recharge it, bringing the temperature back down. Fit for the home, the
kennel, dogs favorite corner, the yard, the car, the RV, and the hotel.

Perfect for pets and humans
The puncture-resistant mat is completely nontoxic solution for pets, owners. Perfect for dog’s bed, portable crate, or the back seat of
your car. You can also use it as the cool pillow, or laptop cooling mat.

Do not brush the surface heavily.
Do not machine wash or dry clean.
Do not expose it under the sun for a long time.
Do not hang it for a long time.
Flat the mat as to dry.

Product Dimensions:
X-S: 15.7 * 11.8 inch
S: 19.7 * 15.7 inch
M: 25.6 * 19.7 inch
L: 35.4 * 19.7 inch
X-L: 37.8 * 31.9 inch
GREAT COOLER IN HOT SUMMER DAYS Why do people choose Whalek cooling pad? Super comfort design with high quality material,one will fall in love with it when they want to be cool.(Only the brand owner can ensure product quality and after-sales service,but other sellers come for the benefit.)Notice:Please kindly cover the mat with something like carpet if your dog is naughty.
THE SIZE FIT MORE LIVING PLACES Does your pet stay in most places in your living area?we provide this size(35.4 x 19.7 in )to help them have more positions to enjoy the cool in hot days.couch,bed or even a corner in your room.
Safety, Eco-friendly: Our durable pet bed mat is Non-Toxic, and safe for animals, adults or kids. It requires no electricity to maintain a cool surface. The safe gel won’t leak onto your face or sheets Waterproof material makes it easy to clean, just wipe with a clean soft brush. But do not clean it with corrosive liquid

MONEY-BACK:If not satisfied for any reason,return for a 100% refund or provide a new one for free,your satisfaction is our TOP Priority.

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