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HEYGO Smart Wi-Fi Plug

HEYGO is a brand pursuing high quality and user’s excellent experience.The design of this type Smart plug (wifi outlet) is attractive, simple and lovely. In particular, its unique cubic shape makes it very compact and technically sophisticated. The production material of the HEYGO smart plug is the latest fireproof ABS material, which enables you no need of worrying about any safety hazard when you enjoy the intellectualization and convenience of home appliances. Its powerful remote-control capabilities allow you to open or close appliances in any network corner of the world. The timing function makes you enjoy the changes that intelligent life brings to you. We are trying our best to make your life better!


Make home smart at saving energy and costs 

Smart management actually helps eliminate excess consumption of electricity, since household devices can still eat up energy, even when not in use. So the HEYGO smart plug can help you to cut down the equipment completely without the use of your home appliances, that you can save energy and costs. Be smart about home! 


Key Features  

Control by Amazon Alexa or App

Customize your schedule

Rational use of Energy

Sharing with Every Family Members


Installation Manual

Step 1: Download the App from Apple Store or Google Play

Step 2: Add the smart plug in App

Step 3: Enable the Skill in the Alexa Account

Step 4: Control your devices by Voice/Smart Phone now



Rated voltage: 100 – 240V

Rated Current: 10A Max

Please check your phone is connected to 2.4GHz WiFi before using the appWORKS WITH ALEXA: Voice Control this Smart Plug via Alexa devices, such as Echo, Echo Dot, Each Tap
EASY TO USE: Support max 30 timing task, support max 50 Wifi Smart Socket from one smart phone, easy installation, just plug a device into the Smart Plug and connect to your Wi-Fi network
TIMING FUNCTION: Create plan, set the time, the device will turn on automatically. When the device is in using, set the time, the device will turn off automatically
ENERGY SAVING: Convenient timer function work on your smart phone, perfect for lighting and other appliance with per-set on/off functions, make sure device can be powered off when not in use for energy saving
CONTROL BY APP: You can turn on/off your device by the free App on smart phone at anytime and anywhere


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